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Percutaneous Cervical Posterior Stabilization (DTrax)

Benech Neurochirurgia - Stabilizzazione Cervicale DTrax

Among the minimally invasive techniques available, the DTrax system represents an innovative procedure of decompression and cervical stabilization.

Persons with cervical pain possibly extending to the arms or already undergoing previous operations with failure of the fusion process can benefit from this technique.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and lasts about 30 minutes: through a percutaneous access of about 1 cm and under radioscopic control, the titanium implant system is placed between the facet joints, bone structures that form the conjugation channel , from which the nerves emerge, thus obtaining their decompression.

Patients undergoing this treatment enjoy immediate clinical benefit and can get up a few hours after surgery, without compromising the movements of the cervical tract and with an excellent cosmetic result.

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