The level of excellence sought by the team i salso based on the choice of high quality-proven facilities in which we perform surgical operations.

Our activity is carried out in agreement with the National Health Service at the Humanitas-Cellini Hospital in Turin and at the Valle d’Aosta Clinical Institute in Saint Pierre (AO), privately at Fornaca Clinic in Turin.

Fornaca Clinic

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 91
10128 Torino , TO

Humanitas Cellini Clinic

Via Benvenuto Cellini 5
10126 Torino , TO

Valle d'Aosta Clinical Institute

Località Breyan, 1
11010 Saint Pierre , AO


A part of the team performs specialist visits in the following facilities

Studio Dott. Benech

Via Sebastiano Beato Valfrè, 14
10121 Torino , TO

Centro inMedica

Largo XII Ottobre 62
16121 Genova


Via Druento 153/56
10151 Torino , TO

Cidimu Torino

Via Legnano, 23
10128 Torino , TO

Medical Lab

C.so Alessandria, 226
14100 Asti , AT

Constantia S.r.l.

Corso Vercelli, 104
10015 Ivrea , TO

Poliambulatorio PKT

Corso Francia 333/5/C
10142 Torino , TO

Poliambulatorio Magenta

Via del Convento Vecchio, 3
10045 Piossasco , TO

Studio Vitesse

Via Arvier, 9
10141 Torino , TO