Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Our neurosurgical team, at the Fornaca Clinic in Turin, will be the first and only in Europe to use the EXCELSIUS GPS robotic system, produced by Globus Medical, Audubon, PA. It combines the benefits of navigation and robotics into one technology, to revolutionize minimally invasive spine surgery and optimize patient care. 
The robotic system allows a unique, innovative and revolutionary approach in the field of surgical navigation of prostheses for the spine, reducing to zero the margin for error. It is the robotic arm that indicates to the surgeon the correct trajectory for the placement of the screws with respect to the patient’S anatomy.
The integrated intra-operative navigation system EXCELSIUS GPS allows to monitor the progress of the intervention in real time, in every detail.
The advantages of the EXCELSIUS GPS robotic navigation are evident in any intervention on the spinal column that includes the placement of screws, in details:
• guarantees maximum accuracy and precision;
• guarantees non-invasive treatments;
• adapts the trajectory based on the operator's decisions, constantly updated on the position of his system and the work tool;
• monitors the correct execution of the procedure;
• avoids the possibility that damage to nerve and vascular structures may occur during the operation;
• minimizes the risk of acquiring infections;
• reduces X-ray exposure for patients undergoing these procedures;
• performes operations percutaneously, with minimal incisions and consequent reduction of pain and post-operative hospitalization;
• accelerates recovery times linked to physiotherapeutic treatment following the intervention.
In short, the accuracy of the EXCELSIUS GPS robot guarantees non-invasive treatments to take care and protect the patient's health.