Robotic-Assisted Surgery

A unique, innovative and revolutionary approach

Accuracy and precision are the words that best describe the EXCELSIUS GPS robotic system, and we are one of the privileged centers in Europe to use this revolutionary technology.
In less than a year, we have performed over 200 operations, achieving exceptional results.


The robot operates with millimeter precision by responding to the preoperative settings programmed by the surgeon. Inside, an integrated navigation system allows you to monitor the progress of the intervention on video and in real time, significantly reducing the margin of error.

For which pathologies it is indicated

Disc herniation with associated discopathy, lumbar stenosis, vertebral fractures, spondylolisthesis, vertebral instabilities: these are some of the pathologies that can be treated with EXCELSIUS GPS. The accurate precision of the robot guarantees an excellent result for interventions that require the positioning of intra-vertebral screws with a minimally invasive approach.

The advantages of robotic surgery

We can guarantee maximum accuracy and non-invasive treatments that protect the patient's health and accelerate recovery times. The interventions are performed percutaneously, with minimal incisions and consequent reduction of pain and post-operative hospital stay.

Healing times

The duration of the intervention, blood losses and intraoperative exposure to X-rays are drastically reduced, as are hospitalization times. The resumption of daily activities, work and sports are also speeded up.

Training and teaching

We are the only training center for Europe and the Middle East; in addition, our case history of the 200 patients treated so far with assisted robotic technique has been published in the international scientific journal Journal of Robotic Surgery as well as presented at numerous international conferences.

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