Our equipe

A team that looks to the future

At the base of our team we find a great synergy, different professionals involved and a strong technological orientation. The interventions we perform are guided by many years of experience, gained in the field and by excellent surgical instruments. We are driven by the desire for improvement and evolution, which is why we participate in numerous courses of updates, thus ensuring that our patients always get the best.

Dott. Stefano Tealdi


My ambition to devote my life to Neurosurgery had already began while I was attending the Department of Neurology and General Surgery, at the Mauritius Hospital in Turin during my third year at the University of Medicine and Surgery.

Dott. Maurizio Berardino


To me, anesthesia is the clinical application of the part of medical studies that I have been most passionate about: Human Physiology (the study of the normal behavior of our body, and therefore of what we need to do in order to maintain it as such, even when things aren't going so well).

Dott. Marco Garbarino


Dott. Walter Troni


Dr. Troni achieved his degree in Medicine and Surgery in July 1972 with a first-class honours degree (110/110 e lode) and a degree in Neurology cum laudae and the dignity of print (70/70), in 1976.

Dott. Francesco Cimino

Vascular surgeon

Dott.ssa Elena Bartoli


I come from a family of doctors, in fact my grandfather was already a general surgeon, orthopedic and anesthesiologist; in those years it was not unusual to have more than one specialization. His great passion was passed down through children and grandchildren.

Dott.ssa Claudia Bartoli


Robotic-Assisted Surgery

The robotic system allows a unique, innovative and revolutionary approach in the field of surgical navigation of prostheses for the spine, reducing the margin of error to zero.