Dott.ssa Beatrice Boido

Resident Neurosurgeon

I was born in Turin on October the 5th, 1986. I graduated at Liceo Classico in 2005 at Valsalice Liceo and the graduated at S.luigi Hospital, Turin University, with Prof. Franco Benech as supervisor.

During the last year of University I attended the Neurosurgery Department of C.T.O. Hospital, under the direction of Dr Faccani, where I met Dr Carlo Alberto Benech and Dr Rosa Perez, who gave me fundamental Neurosurgery knowledge by inspiring me love about the subject.

I later moved to Verona where I started Neurosurgery Specialty and then continued in Naples, at Federico II Hospital to proceed with my training course. During these years I had the opporunity of of improving professionally thanks to a fellowship at Cincinnati Hospital and to a constant updating in excellent international centres, such as Helinski Hospital, Saint Louis Hospital, Yedipete University in Instanbul and Cornell University in New York.

I have also been a member of anatomic research projects. Furthermore I am the author of scientific publications at nationals and international level. At the moment I am completing my last Specialty year at Humanitas-Cellini Clinic in Turin.


Below are the locations where I am available for visits and where I perform surgeries.
For information and appointments: +39 3755412258