Dott. Walter Troni


Dr. Troni achieved his degree in Medicine and Surgery in July 1972 with a first-class honours degree (110/110 e lode) and a degree in Neurology cum laudae and the dignity of print (70/70), in 1976.

Until 2008, he was Director of the Neurology Department at ASL 19 (Local Health Service), of the Piedmont Region. Over the years in the role of Head of Department, Dr.Troni has gained extended experience in all fields of clinical neurology, personally adhering to many specialized clinics (in peripheral neuropathies, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, dementia and Alzheimer's disease). He was in charge of the multidisciplinary Stroke Team dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases.

He was also a member of the National Executive Board of the Italian Association of Clinical Neurophysiology (SINC) from 1996 to 2002. As contract professor, he used to teach " Clinical neurophysiology – EMG", at the University specializing in Neurology, Clinical neurophysiology II'', at the Faculty of Neuro-pathophysiology, and "Neuropsychology of Neurological Disease'', at the University specializing in Psychology of Health at the Faculty of Psychology.

He is currently Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology at the Neurology Graduate School of Turin University.

Dr. Troni is in charge of the Clinical Neurophysiology Service at the Sessant Fornaca Clinic of Turin and of the Experimental Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory attached to the Regional Reference for Multiple Sclerosis at San Luigi Hospital in Orbassano.

He has been the Keynote Speaker at National and International Conferences on a regular basis, and a Referee in many international, scientific journals, including Clinical Neurophysiology, Muscle & Nerve, Clinical Anatomy, Brain Stimulation, and Experimental Brain Research.

He is the author and/or co-author of over 200 publications including original works, science-based communications and conference reports, many of which appeared in international journals. His research activity has mainly focused on the development of new methods for the study of muscular and peripheral nervous system functions (the study of muscular CV, and root stimulation), and of their clinical use (myopathies, channelopathies, polyneuropathies).

Recently, using modern, non-invasive, electrical and magnetic stimulation techniques of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System, he has depicted original techniques aimed, among other things, at the quantification of central motor disorders in multiple sclerosis patients and at intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring.


Below are the locations where I am available for visits and where I perform surgeries.
For information and appointments: +39 3755412258


  • Fornaca Clinic

    Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 91
    10128 Torino , TO
  • JMedical

    Via Druento 153/56
    10151 Torino , TO